Revolutionizing Healthcare

Transforming Healthcare with IT Solutions

In the healthcare world today, we're making big changes by combining healthcare with technology at PENNEP. We want to make healthcare better! Our goal is to use smart technology to improve how healthcare is given. We're here to help doctors and healthcare teams work better together, make patients more involved, and make the paperwork part of healthcare easier. Our aim is to create a smooth system where technology helps to make healthcare really great.


Making an Impact


For Us, health is the top priority! PENNEP is here to make healthcare super easy and personalized for patients. We're all about taking care of health in the best possible way.


Care Management

At PENNEP, empowering patients to take charge of their health is our top priority. Our care management software simplifies the process, providing patients with tools to monitor their health, track appointments, and collaborate seamlessly with their healthcare teams. We believe in enhancing patient engagement and well-being through user-friendly solutions that put the control of health management directly into the hands of those we serve.


Care Coordination

Efficient care coordination is at the heart of delivering high quality healthcare at PENNEP. Our software acts as a catalyst, streamlining communication between patients and healthcare providers. By ensuring everyone is on the same page, we empower healthcare teams to deliver the best possible care. We believe that effective coordination leads to enhanced patient outcomes and a more cohesive and responsive healthcare ecosystem.


Personal Health Records (PHR)

Managing health information just got more convenient with Personal Health Records (PHR). Consider it as your digital health journal, providing a secure space for patients to store and access all their health data in one place. With PHR, patients have an efficient way to review medical history, test results, and upcoming appointments whenever necessary. It's like having health details at your fingertips, streamlining the process for patients to stay informed and engaged in their well-being.



In today's world, easy access to healthcare is crucial, and our Telehealth solutions illustrate this perfectly. this breaking down distance barriers and allows patients to have remote consultations and continuous monitoring. A patient connects with healthcare professionals from home, receives timely interventions, avoids travel stress, and experiences overall healthcare convenience. It's like bringing the doctor's visit to your living room for a more accessible and stress-free healthcare experience.

Making an Impact

Hospitals and Clinics

We're all about making technology work seamlessly for hospitals and clinics. Our EMR, EHR, and Provider Portal are here to make things easier, communication better, and healthcare amazing.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

At PENNEP, we have an advanced system known as Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Think of it like a digital assistant for doctors and nurses, where all patient details are stored in one organized place. Imagine no more dealing with messy paperwork – it's all neatly arranged digitally. This system allows healthcare professionals to make prompt decisions because all the crucial information they need is right at their fingertips, similar to finding files on a well-organized computer.


Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Our EHR system serves as a digital hub for all aspects of a person's health. It's more than just a medical history – it's like a virtual space where healthcare teams collaborate seamlessly and coordinate effectively. The EHR system enhances communication, improves patient care, and provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive view of a patient's health. Think of it as a central meeting point where everyone involved can work together harmoniously, ensuring the best care possible.


Provider Portal

Our Provider Portal is a secret clubhouse, exclusively for doctors and healthcare staff. It provides a secure space for sharing crucial information, chatting in real time, and fostering better collaboration. This space ensures that everyone involved in a patient's care can connect easily, making teamwork smoother, coordination better, and the entire hospital or clinic run more efficiently. It's like having a shared digital workspace where everyone contributes to optimal patient care.

Making an Impact

Labs and Pharmacies

PENNEP is making labs and pharmacies work smarter. Our LMS and PMS are here to make your team more knowledgeable and daily tasks easier.


Laboratory Management Systems (LMS)

Our Laboratory Management System (LMS) streamlines lab operations, simplifying tasks such as sample tracking, test management, and reporting. By optimizing these processes, our LMS solutions enhance diagnostic services, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in delivering test results. This helps in quicker diagnosis and, ultimately, improved patient care. With our LMS, we empower labs to operate seamlessly, contributing to a more efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem.


Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS)

At PENNEP, our Pharmacy Management Systems are the key to streamlined pharmacy operations. From precise inventory management to efficient prescription processing, our systems ensure error-free services, enhancing overall efficiency and patient safety. We empower pharmacies to deliver quality healthcare with optimized workflows, contributing to a seamless and reliable healthcare experience.

Making an Impact

Insurance and Payors

At PENNEP we're here to make insurance and payor tasks super easy. Our tools help in taking care of everyone in the best way possible making insurance smarter and more caring!


Population Health

PENNEP has something awesome for insurance folks – it's called Population Health. Imagine a system that takes care of the health of many clients. It's like having a dedicated person overseeing the well-being of the individuals you cover. With this tool, identify trends, manage risks, and ensure everyone receives the needed care. It's all about keeping your community healthy and happy.


Health Analytics

Our Health Analytics tool is like a smart helper for healthcare. It looks at data and tells important information. It's like having a helpful friend who knows a lot about healthcare trends. With this tool, you can make good choices, save money, and keep everything working well. It's like having a friend who gives you great advice to make sure everything goes smoothly for the people you take care of.


Predictive Modelling

Ever wish you could predict the future? Well, our Predictive Modelling tool gets pretty close. It's like having a magic wand that helps you figure out what might happen. With this tool, you can identify who might need extra attention, plan ahead, and keep everyone in healthy shape. It's all about being proactive and making sure you're ready for whatever comes your way.