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PENNEP is an emerging enterprise dedicated to servicing a diverse array of multinational clientele, steadfastly aspiring to ascend to the ranks of the globe's foremost professional service entities. Our overarching objective revolves around effecting a paradigm shift in our clients' business, operational, and technological paradigms, aligning them with the demands of the digital age.

At the helm of our organization, we are privileged to possess a cumulative wealth of industry expertise spanning over five decades. This rich repository of knowledge is coupled with a consultative methodology that empowers our clients to conceive, construct, and manage increasingly innovative and streamlined enterprises. Join our team today!


PENNEP is seeking a talented and dedicated Advanced Process Architect with a track record of 9 or more years in the field. These professionals are recognized as top-tier experts in IT Professional Services, earning the esteemed title of subject-matter experts. The role demands a wealth of experience, showcasing proficiency in developing IT systems process maps, process architecture, and performance metrics to drive successful business process management initiatives, workflow design, and process enhancement.


  • Process Development and Implementation: Utilize extensive expertise in business process improvement and information technology solutions to design, develop, and implement effective processes and procedures for the management of IT systems and solutions.
  • Leadership and Direction: Demonstrate leadership acumen by planning and accomplishing strategic goals. Take charge of a variety of intricate tasks and potentially lead and direct the work of Contractor staff.
  • Consultative Expertise: Serve as a consultant, providing valuable insights into process optimization and performance enhancement. Offer guidance based on years of experience in the field.
  • Education and Certification: Hold advanced education degrees and certifications, including but not limited to the ITIL Practitioner or Manager Certificate. These qualifications may substitute for 0-6 years of experience at this skill set level, exclusively for this skill set.
  • Creativity and Latitude: Exercise a wide degree of creativity and latitude in approaching complex problems and designing innovative solutions within the realm of IT process architecture.


  • Experience: A minimum of 9 years in the field, with a proven track record in IT Professional Services and process architecture.
  • Expertise: Proficient in developing IT systems process maps, process architecture, and performance metrics.
  • Leadership: Demonstrated ability to plan and achieve goals, handle complex tasks, and potentially lead and direct a team.
  • Education and Certification: Possession of advanced education degrees and relevant certifications, such as the ITIL Practitioner or Manager Certificate.
  • Creativity: Ability to bring creativity and innovation to the table, addressing challenges with a fresh perspective.
  • Consultative Skills: Strong consulting skills, providing valuable insights and guidance based on extensive experience.
  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to dynamic situations and apply knowledge to evolving IT landscapes.aps, process architecture, and performance metrics for successful business process management initiatives, workflow design, and process improvement.


A minimum of Bachelor's Degree

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