Business Operations Analyst


Jalandhar, India

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Join our Client’s News Startup as a Business Operations Analyst, where you will play a crucial role in optimizing business processes, analyzing performance metrics, and contributing to the overall efficiency of our operations. This position is ideal for individuals with a strong analytical mindset, excellent problem-solving skills, and a keen interest in supporting the business side of a dynamic news organization.


  • Collaborate with editorial teams to develop a strategic and cohesive plan for news content creation and distribution.
  • Conduct market research and audience analysis to identify trending topics and areas of interest.
  • Work closely with Journalists and Editors to establish editorial calendars, ensuring timely and relevant coverage.
  • Implement content planning tools and methodologies to organize and optimize the news production schedule.
  • Analyze audience demographics and behavior to tailor news content for specific target audiences.
  • Develop strategies to engage diverse audience segments through varied content formats and platforms.
  • Facilitate brainstorming sessions with editorial teams to generate creative and impactful story ideas.
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration to incorporate diverse perspectives in news content planning.
  • Develop and implement protocols for efficient response to breaking news events, ensuring timely and accurate coverage.
  • Coordinate with editorial teams to prioritize and adjust content plans in real-time based on emerging stories.
  • Work with marketing and distribution teams to develop comprehensive strategies for news content dissemination.
  • Optimize the use of various platforms, including digital, social media, and traditional channels, to maximize audience reach.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for news content and regularly assess the success of content planning strategies.
  • Use analytics to refine content planning approaches, identifying areas for improvement and innovation.
  • Collaborate with multimedia teams to incorporate visual elements, infographics, and multimedia content into news planning.
  • Explore opportunities for interactive and immersive storytelling to enhance audience engagement.
  • Work with advertising and sales teams to integrate sponsored content seamlessly into the news content plan.
  • Ensure sponsored content aligns with editorial standards and maintains the integrity of news coverage.
  • Analyse and create business processes and identify areas for improvement.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather and interpret data.
  • Develop and maintain performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Provide insights and recommendations to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Contribute to the creation, implementation, and enforcement of processes including improvements and automation.
  • Assist in budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis.
  • Collaborate with HR to identify staffing needs within the news department.
  • Participate in the recruitment and selection process for editorial and operational roles, ensuring the acquisition of diverse and talented individuals.
  • Develop onboarding programs to integrate new hires seamlessly into the news operations team.
  • Mentor and guide team members, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.
  • Conduct performance evaluations and offer constructive feedback to support professional development.


  • Proven experience in business analysis, process improvement, or operations.
  • Strong data analysis skills using tools or business intelligence platforms.
  • Familiarity with project management methodologies.
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas and insights effectively.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office tools including Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.

Nice to Have

  • Experience with data visualization tools and techniques.
  • Knowledge of media and news industry operations.
  • Familiarity with financial modeling and budgeting processes.
  • Understanding of digital media platforms and trends.


Bachelor's or Master's degree in Journalism, Communications, or Business Administration, Finance, Operations Management, or a related field.

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Client On-Site Work

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