Meet Baljeet Talent Acquisitions (India)

Baljeet's Story

Baljeet, a dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist at PENNEP, continually enriches her expertise. She believes that successful recruitment extends beyond qualifications, focusing on candidates' motivations and backgrounds. Baljeet excels in staying adaptable and composed throughout the hiring process, bringing invaluable insights to the table. Every day, she hones her skills, shaping not only candidates' careers but also contributing to our company's growth.

How Baljeet Can Help?

Baljeet, our exceptional Talent Acquisition Lead, is your partner in sourcing top-tier talent. With extensive experience across diverse departments, she excels in identifying candidates who align with your organization's values. Baljeet ensures smooth onboarding, offboarding, and compliance management, streamlining transitions. Her expertise also improves workflows and elevates performance management. Beyond filling positions, Baljeet builds high-performing teams, fueling your organization's growth.

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